Find out if you qualify for was created specifically to help families where a traditional child care center or a private nanny isn’t an option, but there is a family member who can act as a caretaker.

Approved caretakers will be paid $25 per child / day (a day of care must be at least 4 hours to qualify).

Parents likely qualify for if:

  • They have a child under 13 years old who is a US citizen (citizenship not required for parents)
  • They are eligible for OKDHS child care subsidy
  • They are an essential worker as defined by OKDHS (funding extended until June 30, 2023)

Start your application today for better child care.

We’ll help you along the four part application process.


Request an application

We’ll send the parent application to you via text message.

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Fill out the application

Open and fill out the application form that you receive.

Essential Workers + OKDHS Workers (funding extended until June 30, 2023)

  • Fill out the three page application
  • Upload a photo of your paystub

Parents eligible for child care subsidy

  • Fill out the three page application
  • Navigate to OKDHSLive! to create an account and complete a benefits application
  • Schedule a call with your OKDHSLive! Benefits Advisor to maximize your benefits

Find out if you are approved

DHS reviews and approves your application. If any information is missing or you’re denied due to unqualified employment, you’ll be notified as well.


Designate a caregiver for your child

Once approved, you’ll be asked to select a family member as a caregiver.

  • Enter their name and phone number
  • This person is texted their own application to qualify as a caretaker

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