Find out if you qualify was created specifically for helping families where a traditional child care center or a private nanny isn’t an option, but there is a family member who can act as a caretaker.

Approved caretakers will be paid $25 per child / day
(a day of care must be at least 4 hours to qualify).

Family caretakers likely qualify for if:

  • You are a US citizen
  • You do not have a felony conviction
  • You are related to the child
  • You live outside of the child’s home
  • You are at least 18 years old

Start your application to get approved as a family caretaker

We’ll help you along the five part application process.


Be invited by a parent

All applications start with the parents. Once a parent has been approved, they can invite you through the platform as long as you are related to the child. Once you’ve been invited by a parent, you will receive a text with a link to apply.

Link copied! Now share it with your related parent!


Fill out the application

Open and fill out the two page application form that you receive via text message. The application will ask you to provide:

  • Last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • Current Adult, Child, and Pediatric CPR certification. (Not certified? Complete training here.)
  • Personal information such as street address and birthdate

You will also need to read through the Safe Sleep educational materials provided in the application.


Find out if you are approved

DHS reviews and issues a decision about your application.


Set up banking for payment

If approved, you’ll be asked to set up your banking information for direct deposit.


Start logging your childcare time

You will receive your first timesheet on the Friday after your caretaker approval.

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