The program will end Sept. 30, 2023. The last date of service for caretakers will be Sept. 29. No new applications for parents or caretakers will be accepted after Aug. 30, 2023.

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Pay your relatives to care for your children while you work. helps parents get back to work and ensures children are safe and happy.

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Use with your child care subsidy.

With you don’t need to commit to a set weekly schedule or just one family member doing all the caretaking. Get child care exactly when you need it from your family members. They log their time and get paid for being your child's caretaker.

Here's how it works:

(Tap through the numbers below to see the process)

Step 1: The parent applies to and submits an application to OKDHS. Parent Application product screenshot with form fills.
Step 2: If the parent is approved, they invite their caretaker to apply.
Step 3: The parent uses their caretaker as needed.
Step 4: The caretaker submits their timesheet and the parent approves their hours.
Step 5: pays the caretaker.

Accessible and flexible

Having family members care for your kids means you can always get child care when you need it from people you trust. was created in 2020, when COVID-19 made it difficult for essential workers to find child care. The program has since expanded to other groups - parents working or in school who qualify and need more flexibility in their child care. 

You can use if:

You love having a family member watch your kids. It's easier than a child care center, and they have a real bond.

The child care centers near you don't fit your schedule or provide the level of care that you're looking for.

The child care center closest to you is all booked up or too far away.

You work nights or weekends, and you can't find a child care center that provides those hours.

You need child care on specific days, at specific times, or totally out of the blue.

You are worried about sending your child to a child care center.

Designed for families to thrive

Who qualifies for was created specifically to help families where a traditional child care center or a private nanny isn’t an option. These families have working parents or parents in school that need flexibility, financial support, and the confidence that their children are learning and thriving. 

Parents likely qualify for if:

  • They have a child under 13 years old who is a US citizen (citizenship not required for parents)
  • They are eligible for OKDHS child care subsidy
  • They are an essential worker as defined by OKDHS (funding extended until September 30, 2023)

Caretakers likely qualify for if:

  • They are a US citizen
  • They do not have a felony conviction
  • They are related to the child
  • They live outside the child’s home
  • They are at least 18 years old
  • They want to promote the child’s safety, growth and development

Strengthening families with care

Child care is critical for parents and children to succeed but finding care has several barriers:

  • underserved areas
  • lack of flexible care options
  • high cost is designed to create benefits at every level:

Parents find child care when they need it, allowing them to go back to work, find a new job, take that promotion, or go back to school.

Children grow deeper bonds with family members and receive consistent, quality care.

Family members get paid, making family child care a new source of income.

Oklahoma sees more children thriving, more parents working, and more family caretakers receiving supplemental income.

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